FEMA education

SBP is holding webinar trainings this Wednesday and Saturday (free and open to the public) to help people navigate the FEMA application process

Navigating Disaster Recovery

Wednesday, February 24, 2021 2:30 pm CST

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 To understand how to maximize the support you have please view this guide: this guide



FEMA Individual assistance has been approved for more than 100 counties across Texas impacted by the winter storm.

  • Declared on 2/19/21, individuals have 60 days to apply.

This assistance is available for those who are under- or uninsured.

  • Whether you have insurance or not, you may be eligible

SBP is conducting FREE webinars to help survivors navigate the complex FEMA assistance process.

  • 14 webinars in the next week and more will be added to the schedule
  • Visit sbpusa.org/events to register

The webinar will:

  • Give you the steps you will need to take to apply for assistance
  • Outline the information you will need to provide to FEMA
  • Share updates about the new COVID-19 remote damage assessment process
  • Guide you through the appeals process
  • Help you advocate for yourself


  • You are your best advocate
  • Document everything
  • Keep at it
  • Take care of yourself
  • It’s ok to ask for help!

SBP’s Winter Storm Clean Up Safety Guidelines

Monitor for mold

  • If you have had any water damage, mold can grow.
  • Don’t repair walls or floors until mold has been treated!

Wear the proper PPE and utilize the correct process

  • If you want to remediate the mold yourself, use SBP’s resources that include a step-by-step guide and a list of supplies and PPE. They can be found at sbpusa.org/start-here

Muck and Gut Safely

  • Turn off all utilities – water, gas and electricity
  • Wear PPE – goggles, gloves and dust masks
  • Open windows to increase ventilation
  • Take your time – accidents can happen when you move too quickly

Temporary Shelter

  • If you have insurance, you may be eligible for funding to pay for a hotel or
    short-term rental. Ask your agent for more information. (Limit your exposure to mold.)

SBP’s 3 Tips for Speeding Your Recovery

SBP is a national disaster resilience and recovery organization helping residents recover from disaster. They’ve been helping Texas families recover from disaster since 2015. SBP’s FREE guides and resources will help you navigate the complex recovery process, avoid costly mistakes and make informed decisions that lead to a faster recovery.

#1 Identify, document and limit your damage – Check out SBP’s DIY guides to locate the plumbing damage, muck and gut the
damage and remediate mold

#2 Contact your insurance company and apply for assistance from FEMA – Make sure to document with pictures along the way and save all receipts.

#3 Protect yourself from fraud – Get a written estimate and never pay upfront

All of SBP’s recovery resources can be found at​ ​sbpusa.org​. Check them out. They’ll help you recover faster! I’ll be sharing more tips including how to apply to FEMA.