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Give today to help the just keep livin Foundation continue to provide after school fitness and wellness programs in high schools across the nation. With your help, we can impact even more undeserved youth in our communities and give them the tools to build healthier lives.

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There are many ways you can support the j.k. livin foundation and help us to make a
difference. Together, we can impact the lives of children in our communities.
Whatever you can give, j.k. givin.
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for a j.k living field trip
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city high school
Sponsor a student for
1 semester
Sponsor a student for
an entire year
Sponsor a whole class
for a j.k living field trip

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Why I Give

“Besides being a fan of Mr. McConaughey from the Dazed and Confused days on forward, when I read his description of what the “Just Keep Livin” statement was all about, it resonated with me because the principles behind it exactly aligned with my natural way of living. It was cool to have a new way to easily describe to others how to live that way, hence JK Livin became a common term in my household and is a philosophy I love sharing with others often. Starting a year or two ago, I decided try to sponsor at least 1 student for 1 semester but this year I will be able to sponsor a few more throughout the year so that’s really exciting. We love the JKL program and what it provides, and we also think it will be important when our son is old enough to understand, that he sees the value in paying it forward and how awesome it feels to help people get the education to learn how to lead a balanced life and in turn succeed.”
Christopher M.
“A couple of years ago I started researching the Foundation, and it was just on my heart as things have improved for us financially to make a decision to give as much as I could back to those in need. When I learned about what you were doing through these videos I just felt like if I was going to do something this is what I’d want to be doing. I feel like it’s pretty neat when I can give back to meaningful cause actually makes a difference in kids’ lives. When I was a kid and we were going through rough things in our family, my mom would always get us together to do a gratitude circle and it really meant a lot. When I saw that’s what you were doing with these kids it really resonated, because gratitude is actually the way that I have gotten to where I am today where I can give to your organization. What you are doing is changing the world one life at a time and to be a part of that in a small way was worth all the success in the world and more.”
Daniel L.
“I learned of your program several years ago from a friend of mine. He loved that the foundation gave hope to kids and taught them to never give up. Although he was an adult, he lived by the foundation’s motto “just keep livin.” He was diagnosed with lymphoma 4 years ago and I honestly believe that those three little words kept him fighting. He often wore j.k. livin t-shirts, had j.k. livin license plates and even had a metal j.k. livin card he kept in his wallet. Unfortunately John lost his battle in January so my husband and I started making donations to different foundations in his memory and will continue to donate to your foundation in his memory. Thank you so much for everything you do for these kids. The world could definitely use a lot more programs like this.”
Nicole O.
“I first heard about the Foundation on a message board that I frequent. One of the posters there lives in the southern California area, and spends a lot of her time and energy volunteering in the community. She spoke very highly of the Foundation, so I decided to check it out. I was so impressed by the mission and the way that your organization partners with other local non-profits. The focus on empowering students for a lifetime of well-being is awesome! I was fortunate to be born into a good family situation, but recognize that there are many children that do not have the advantages that I did. I love that your foundation gives people like me a way to help teenagers that truly need it. Thank you for the wonderful work that you do!”
Debra H.
“I have several motivations for supporting your work in spite of the absence of programs in North Carolina. I am a global public health scientist and have worked on projects domestically in the USA and abroad focused on early childhood health and well-being, and so I am acutely aware of the benefit of early interventions targeting both physical and mental health. Anyway, after nearly 20 years now at CDC, World Health Organization and UNICEF, and as I continue to help expand the reach of immunization programs in low- and middle-income countries as a consultant with these same organizations, I see the value added in your program. I travel a lot and in doing so tend to have Youtube clips running in the back ground. I enjoy listening to Matthew M and his Texas-style…listening to him is actually fun when you are away from home so much, good to hear the south in someone’s voice…and it is through his drops of JKL that I learned of the organization. So, to you and your team, JKL, and keep on doin’ what you do best.”
David B.
“At the end of the year I search for about ten organizations to give money to. I’ve always enjoyed Matthew McConaughey and I recently saw one of his acceptance speeches for an award that he won and I really appreciated what he had to say. The JKLivin Foundation seems awesome. I read some of the testimonials that you included in the email and it looks as though this foundation does great work. I am a school teacher and work at the alternative school in our county for at-risk students. I can very much identify with and appreciate what you all are doing; I see kids like this every day who have very little hope and even less encouragement to go out and try to better themselves. Keep up the great work that you all are doing and good luck in the future.”
Matthew C.
“I recently purchased a JK Livin T-Shirt and there was a card attached to it that had the story of the foundation. I also went to the web site and read about how Matthew lost his father and used to call his father “Pop.” I lost my father as well about 7 years ago and used to call him “Pop.” It struck a cord and when I read the story and I felt inspired to donate a modest sum. I applaud the good work you all do and will certainly continue my support.”
Gregory L.
“My husband and I are thrilled to be a part of the JKL family. In 2013, we were invited to see Matthew McConaughey speak in front of a largely movie/theater industry crowd in LA. He briefly talked about JKL at that event. That night, we looked up JKL and were really impressed by its mission. We do not have children of our own (but we have taught thousands of other peoples’ children) and are interested in organizations that really care about kids…especially vulnerable ones. We decided that JKL was such an organization and so we started to make an annual donation. Thanks to you and to your colleagues for doing such wonderful work….and, thanks, of course to Mr. McConaughey for starting this much-needed foundation.”
Holly J.

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