SBP’s Winter Storm Clean Up Safety Guidelines

Monitor for mold

  • If you have had any water damage, mold can grow.
  • Don’t repair walls or floors until mold has been treated!

Wear the proper PPE and utilize the correct process

  • If you want to remediate the mold yourself, use SBP’s resources that include a step-by-step guide and a list of supplies and PPE. They can be found at

Muck and Gut Safely

  • Turn off all utilities – water, gas and electricity
  • Wear PPE – goggles, gloves and dust masks
  • Open windows to increase ventilation
  • Take your time – accidents can happen when you move too quickly

Temporary Shelter

  • If you have insurance, you may be eligible for funding to pay for a hotel or
    short-term rental. Ask your agent for more information. (Limit your exposure to mold.)

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