Our impact
We serve over 3000 students in 45 program sites in 17 cities throughout the United States. Our prescription is to prevent so we don’t have to cure later in life. Our program meets kids at a critical time and empowers them to make healthy choices for a better future; or, as JKL student, Yordis, puts it, “This is a program where kids can come to get away from their problems and have a chance in life that many do not get.” It’s powerful medicine that holds the capacity to change the course of a life.

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Program Results

We serve over 3000 students in 40 schools/sites in California (Los Angeles and San Diego), Georgia (Dublin), Louisiana (New Orleans), New York (Brooklyn, the Bronx), North Carolina (Charlotte), Ohio (Cleveland), Tennessee (Nashville), Texas (Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Longview), Illinois (Chicago) and Washington, D.C.

We’re proud to say that our program is working and our results speak for themselves!

Since joining the just keep livin program…


of jkl students improved their attendance


of jkl students improved or maintained their grades


of jkl students make healthier choices


of jkl students get more exercise


saw an increase in the amount of gratitude shown in their daily lives

Community Service

participated in more community service events


have more confidence


of jkl students stay in school


of 12th grade jkl students graduate (*Note: many of the schools we serve have a 50% drop out rate)


of jkl students improved their behavior

Mental Health

note that jkl has helped them create new, positive relationships and reduce stress and anxiety in their everyday life

96% of jkl students
are getting more
5k races: 281
1/2 Marathons: 77
95% of jkl students
are drinking more
9 of 10 kids reading
labels more often

partnership and participation

Having an impact is all about partnership and participation. We currently serve over 3,000 students at 40 programs located in California, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas and Washington D.C.

Achieving success on each of these campuses requires collaboration. We work with other nonprofit organizations, such as local chapters of Boys and Girls Clubs and Woodcraft Rangers, to act as our fiscal agents and help with administration. We work with these organizations to oversee budgets, ensure compliance with local, state and federal laws, provide insurance coverage, and administer payroll. Together we hire individuals with experience and a high degree of enthusiasm. This is a critical process. As Matthew says, we must find the “talent on the ground” to run a successful program.

We have also joined forces with other nonprofit organizations, private individual and family foundations and corporate brands who help fund our programs and who maintain involvement with their sponsored schools. Our goal is to increase our ability to serve more kids each year while delivering value to our supporters by increasing their visibility and aligning themselves with the trusted and respected just keep livin brand.
Our current program sponsors are:

Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

“Through the JKL program, I met a group of leaders who have become my support system. just keep livin is a place where bonds can be established and as the years go by, the fact that gratitude has played such a big part in our lives has shaped us into the people we will become.”

Student Testimonials

“During JKL, I would remind myself of my goal to cherish my two hours away from home. During an emotionally tumultuous time, I was able to escape. just keep livin is and will always be my home away from home and I am eternally grateful for it.”

Student Testimonials

“Since joining the program I have started being more involved at the school and I am playing sports now as I am more confident than I was before. I recently joined the track team and gained the confidence to try out because of jkl. I would tell anyone who is looking for a group that will help give you confidence in yourself, they need to join just keep livin.”

Student Testimonials

“jkl taught me what I was missing – the importance of eating right, setting and achieving personal goals, and experiencing the world outside of Southeast DC.”

Student Testimonials

“just keep livin inspired me to give back to my community, so I’ve begun to volunteer at animal shelters and donate blood. My parents are thrilled with the transformation I’ve had. The program encourages us to set goals for ourselves and to reach for those goals. Although others might disagree, no dream is too big or small at just keep livin.”

Student Testimonials

“I was saved by just keep livin. I thought I was lost and was scared of what would happen. I got away thanks to Ms. Colasanti and Ms. Willis keeping me involved in jkl. I was able to become a better person, a man, and the caring person that I am today. The most important thing was that I was able to forget all the problems that I had for a few hours while with jkl. Because of it, I survived. Now I love the activities we do, from dancing, to our gratitude circle, to yoga and smoothies, and learning something new every day. I was able to improve my grades. jkl helps me make each day be a good one, even when negative things happen. This is the type of encouragement I need to keep going every day. jkl is the best thing EVER. This is a program were kids can come to get away from their problems and have a chance in life that many do not get.”

Student Testimonials

“just keep livin has given me a platform where I am able to grow as a person. Thanks to jkl I was able to break out of my shell and apply myself not only at school but in my community. Thanks to this program I understood the true meaning of gratitude.. Thanks to jkl I have made the absolute best effort to give back and appreciate everything in my life. jkl has given me so many opportunities! For example, when they took us to an event that the kindness campaign hosted where they introduced me to the ‘magic mirror’ – a mirror where I was able to see my reflection and as I saw myself I was able to hear the words ‘I am enough.’ After that day I was able to wake up every morning and repeat those words without hesitation. Just keep Livin gave me hope that everything will be okay in my life because I have a support system.”

Schools We Serve

    Los Angeles, CA

  • Animo Inglewood Charter High School
  • Animo South LA High School
  • Animo City of Champions
  • Fairfax High School
  • Fremont High School
  • Hamilton High School
  • Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA)
  • Huntington Park High School
  • LA Promise Charter High School
  • Manual Arts High School
  • Learning Works Charter
  • Venice High School

    San Diego, CA

  • Morse High School

    New Orleans, LA

  • Cohen College Prep
  • Landry Walker High School
  • Warren Easton Charter High School

    Dublin, GA

  • East Laurens High School

    Chicago, IL

    Cleveland, OH

  • Glenville High School
  • John Adams High School

    Austin, TX

  • Akins High School
  • East Austin College Prep
  • Juan Navarro High School
  • Northeast High School

    Dallas, TX

  • Carter High School
  • Eastern Hills
  • Pinkston High School
  • Sam Houston High School
  • Sunset High School

    Houston, TX

  • Carver High School
  • Cesar Chavez High School

    Longview, TX

  • Longview High School

    Washington D.C.

  • Anacostia High School
  • Ballou High School
  • Roosevelt High School

    Nashville, TN

  • Antioch High School
  • Maplewood High School

    New York, NY

  • Brooklyn School for Social Justice
  • New Visions Charter High School

    Charlotte, N.C.

  • West Charlotte High School

    Arlington, TX

    North Crowley, TX

    Uvalde, TX

Facts on the schools in the program:
  • We serve inner-city schools that qualify for Title 1 funding [meaning the Department of Education provides supplemental financial backing to meet the needs of at-risk and low-income students.]
  • 83 % of students at our schools are eligible for free or reduced lunch based on their families’ incomes and Federal Poverty Guidelines [To qualify for free lunch, a family of 4 must subsist on an annual income of less than $26,200.]
  • Enrollment varies at the schools we serve, but averages more than 1,403 students per campus. In our larger schools (which enroll up to 3,499 students) it’s easy to get lost in the crowd, while our smaller schools (one of which enrolls just 260 students) often lack extracurricular opportunities.

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