SBP’s 3 Tips for Speeding Your Recovery

SBP is a national disaster resilience and recovery organization helping residents recover from disaster. They’ve been helping Texas families recover from disaster since 2015. SBP’s FREE guides and resources will help you navigate the complex recovery process, avoid costly mistakes and make informed decisions that lead to a faster recovery.

#1 Identify, document and limit your damage – Check out SBP’s DIY guides to locate the plumbing damage, muck and gut the
damage and remediate mold

#2 Contact your insurance company and apply for assistance from FEMA – Make sure to document with pictures along the way and save all receipts.

#3 Protect yourself from fraud – Get a written estimate and never pay upfront

All of SBP’s recovery resources can be found at​ ​​. Check them out. They’ll help you recover faster! I’ll be sharing more tips including how to apply to FEMA.

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