Tony, Lanier High

Tony is an 11th grade student from our JKL program at Lanier High School in Austin, TX and he is finding his voice! With only a few months under his belt, Tony has strived to become one of the most active students in the JKL program.

After being exposed to Zumba, Hip-Hop Dance, and proper stretching techniques, Tony has found a new passion. Sharing dance moves with his family members is becoming a weekly ritual. He is focused on eliminating junk food and eating more veggies. He is becoming a role model and really sees it as a way of life now. Despite being busy with his fire academy obligations and chemistry hobby, Tony always makes the time to enjoy JKL fitness sessions.

Tony is full of energy and wants to share the love he has found in movement with his peers. Says Tony’s JKL teacher, Ms. Willis, “While last year he only watched, this year Tony has become very active in JKL. He has been very engaged in our community service activities and takes pride in helping others. As Tony has learning disabilities and has been teased in the past for being different, he has dedicated his time now to doing as much as he can to make others feel included and cared about.”

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