Saydi, JKL Student
Uvalde High School, Uvalde, TX

Uvalde High School student Saydi is a leader in the making who benefits from the jkl program, but at first, was skeptical. “I thought the program would be corny until I saw them always cooking and learned that Ms. Silva was leading jkl,” expresses Saydi.

Once she officially joined, she has since embraced the nutritional element of the program. Saydi has become better at following recipes and incorporating more veggies into her dishes. Saydi loves taking food home for her parents to enjoy. Community service is another element of the program Saydi has embraced. “It’s so much fun doing things for my community; I love having the chance to do face painting in the park and putting smiles on the little kids’ faces,” says Saydi.

Uvalde High School has only had one semester of jkl and Saydi is looking forward to a full year of programming all while getting ready for college applications! After high school, Saydi would like to pursue a degree in Marine Biology at Texas A&M Corpus Cristi. The jkl instructor, Ms. Silva says, “It is the most rewarding part of my job to see the amazing transformation of empowerment run through Saydi’s self-esteem and all aspects of her personality.”