studentSpotlightRocio is a Senior at Hamilton High School and will be starting her 2nd year with the j.k. livin program. Despite being the girls Lacrosse manager, volunteering at her church, babysitting her two nieces and attending Anime club during lunch, Rocio had perfect attendance in the jkl program this past year! Since joining the jkl program she is starting to make healthier food choices and has more energy. Every week Rocio looks forward to exercising with her peers and participating in the gratitude circle which helped her with her fear of public speaking. After her senior year is complete, Rocio would like to explore a career in sound engineering. Rocio said, “ I love going to jkl every Monday and Wednesday because of the positive energy and the fact that my mom works nights and it gives me a place to be productive and not just be at home alone waiting a long time for her and doing nothing.”