Max, JKL Student
Cesar Chavez High School, Houston, TX

Max’s cousin witnesses the jkl program thriving on the Chavez campus and this is where Max’s connection began. Fitness was the bait that hooked Max into the program, where he developed a passion and consistency for fitness. “I never worked out before jkl, so participating in the fitness activities helps me and makes me feel good,” says Max.

Nutrition was another component that opened his eyes. Volunteering to help maintain the jkl garden provided enriching experiences, from having nutrition sessions utilizing fruits and vegetables straight from the garden, to learning about the planting process. “Max is a charismatic and dedicated leading member of our jkl club. It has been a delight to see him become more confident and outspoken,” shared a jkl staff member. We are excited to have Max in our jkl program and looking forward to seeing his growth!

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