Mark Finlay

AP Economics Teacher, dedicated staff member and the 2007 Texas State Karate Champion are just a few descriptions of our amazing JKL instructor, Mark Finlay! Mark is in his 4th year as a JKL instructor for the Eastern Hills H.S. program and has been teaching at this school for 11 years.

Mr. Finlay openly admits that since the inception of the JKL program, it has brought such a positive environment; a change that he had not seen before on the campus. Many of his JKL alums come back week after week to check in and also help lead workouts for the program.

The JKL community service events are the most important aspect of the program to Mr. Finlay. He was quoted saying, “Seeing kids working together outside of the school and giving back in the community is a great thing.” Mr. Finlay has displayed what it means to be a passionate instructor who goes beyond his JKL duties to ensure a quality program.

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