Student Spotlight JohnnyJohnny, an 11 th grader from East Austin College Prep, is embracing the jkl program with high expectations for himself. Johnny had previously dropped out of P.E., but towards the end of his 10 th grade year, he realized he needed a change. Johnny joined the jkl program and immediately started to gain the confidence he needed to push through fitness activities. Johnny is now embarking on his first full year with the program and he is already seeing results. He has gone from a size 3XL T-shirt to a 2XL T-shirt. So far, his favorite activities in the program are spending time in the weight room, running miles in his local community, and meeting new friends. Johnny is hoping that the changes he has made will inspire his peers to join the program as well. His secret ingredient to staying motivated is the music he listens to during his workout sessions. His most current, favorite song is “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica. In two years, Johnny hopes to enroll in his dream college, Baylor, where he plans to major in medicine to become a pharmacist one day.

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