In addition to being a cyber tech enthusiast, James, a member of the j.k. livin program at Sam Houston High School in San Antonio, is on a mission to achieve workout gains and protect the world.

James is a Senior and has been a faithful member of the JKL program since its introduction this past Fall. He enjoys having a place to come work out with new friends and learn important information about health and nutrition. Prior to joining the JKL program, James volunteered with the Theatre Arts program and took pictures for the yearbook club.

James is taking steps to cut down on his junk food intake and is starting to watch the nutritional content of his meals. James’s mother enjoys the fact that he has a safe place after school that encourages positivism and gratitude. JKL instructor Mr. Jose Luna says, “James has always been a great competitor and he loves taking on challenges and, for him, giving up is not an option. He is a great positive example for his peers in the JKL program.” James currently has a 3.0 and his goal is to study cyber security at the University Texas San Antonio after high school.