JKL alumni Freddy is the example of an ideal student taking the life lessons that he learned from the JKL program and incorporating them into his now college life! Freddy is currently finishing up his freshmen year at California State University Northridge where he is studying Biology. One day, Freddy is hoping to enroll in medical school to become a doctor or surgeon.

During his first semester of college, Freddy volunteered his time with our Hamilton High School JKL program to help encourage students, lead workouts, and participate in events. “I continue to push myself like I did in JKL and I tell myself to keep going, do one more rep. This applied to both my fitness efforts and school work.”

Freddy is an outstanding student who spent all four of his high school years in the JKL program. One of Freddy’s greatest moments in the program was his first day in 9th grade when he learned about the gratitude circle. He then knew it would become a great place for him to express himself.

Alumni like Freddy are a great example that our programs make a positive impact and can motivate and provide support beyond a student’s high school years.