Cynthia, JKL Student
Animo South Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

Our just keep livin’ program name intrigued ASLA junior, Cynthia, to see what we were all about. Little did Cynthia know she would open the door to a new world. “I Learned how to manage my time better, eat better and not let things stress me out. Jkl is a place of peace for me, a stress-free environment with lots of support,” says Cynthia.

She has just completed her first year in the jkl program, and her passion for the outdoors is through the roof! Program highlights such as hiking trips, learning how to surf, and running a 5k race has made a lasting impact that turned into a passion for living an active lifestyle. “When I’m at home, I can’t sit in my room for hours just scrolling on social media.

I must go outdoors and explore, it makes me feel good, and I get my family involved,” says Cynthia. She has intentionally embraced our four pillars (Community Service, Fitness, Wellness, and Nutrition). Cynthia’s energy is contagious, and she is an ambassador for the jkl programs that will keep the spark of the ASLA program going. After high school, Cynthia would like to pursue a degree in Criminology and work for the police department and give back to her community.