September 2018 Newsletter

Student Spotlight: Bianca


2nd year Chemistry and Health Teacher Bari Applebaum from Manual Arts High School in Los Angeles is the newest edition to our JKL family of instructors.
Bari hails from Minnesota with an experienced green thumb that started at the age of 8 years old. Bari is looking forward to combining her love for the environment, nutrition, and fitness to make the JKL program thrive.
She has already coordinated one of the high schools first public farmers markets held on campus. We love how passionate and resourceful our JKL instructors are when they come on board!
We are looking forward to seeing Bari in action while providing life changing opportunities for our JKL students.


Gratitude Quote of the Month

"I’m grateful for JKL, it’s like my home away from home. I’ve never been good at sports, but here everyone is so positive and motivates me to achieve my workout goals. I feel really comfortable here."
— Damian / Hamilton


Kershaw’s Challenge Ping Pong 4 Purpose Event


One of our new program sponsors, Kershaw’s Challenge founded by Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw and his wife Ellen, recently honored Matthew with the Impact Award at their Ping Pong 4 Purpose charity event.
Since 2013, the Kershaws have hosted this celebrity ping pong tournament on the field at Dodger Stadium to help raise funds for their foundation.
Kershaw’s Challenge works to empower people to use their spheres of influence to impact communities positively and transform at-risk children and neighborhoods. They have generously agreed to fund the JKL program at Fremont High School in Los Angeles starting this Fall and we were so excited to be able to celebrate this new partnership by coming out to support their event.
Our whole team, including Fremont teachers Amber Dill and Esteban Beltran who run the JKL program there, loved being at Dodger Stadium and taking part in the action. We look forward to a great partnership with this amazing organization!


JKL Student Speaks at Washington Redskins Welcome Home Luncheon


We were so honored to be a part of the Washington Redskins Welcome Home Luncheon on August 29th at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in D.C. JKL member, Earl Bullock, who is a Senior at Ballou High School, spoke to the crowd of 700 about what being a part of just keep livin has meant to him. Earl talked about how JKL has taught him “the importance of eating right, setting and achieving personal goals, and experiencing the world outside of Southeast D.C.” He continued, “JKL has given me the skills to overcome challenges that I may come across in the future.” We are so proud of Earl for delivering an amazing speech to such a large crowd and even getting some laughs along the way!
Our program at Ballou is made possible by the generous funding of the Redskins Charitable Foundation. We have enjoyed a five-year partnership with them and each year, thanks to their support, we have been able to expose our D.C. students to even more unique opportunities and experiences, including the Redskins Draft Day Dash 5K at FedExField.
The Welcome Home Luncheon is the largest fundraiser of the year for the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation. The Charitable Foundation, which strives to make a positive and measurable impact in the lives of children in the Washington, D.C. area, raised $750,000 at the annual event that highlights the work the team does both in the community and on the field.


Welcome Back Round Up


It is officially the start of a new year for our jkl programs across the country! We are looking forward to bringing quality programs and preparing our young people for life after high school!
Our jkl program has expanded and we will be launching new programs in both Houston, TX and San Diego, CA This year! We would like to give a huge shout out to all of our amazing partners, sponsors and jkl instructors! Let’s have an awesome year!


FIT EXPO: Anaheim


On Saturday, August 25th, 20 of our JKL students from Animo South Los Angeles attended The Fit Expo which is a 2 day event being held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.
This event showcases major competitions, top fitness stars, plus a giant expo floor with 250 booths showcasing products like fitness equipment, protein health supplements and many more products and services concerning fitness in the Wellness, Health & Fitness industry.
Our students were thrilled to join a community of health and fitness enthusiasts in the local community! Just keep livin would like to thank Brendan Cosso from the World Calisthenics Organization for inviting and providing the tickets for our JKL students and staff! Our programs would not be possible without the support of the surrounding community and people like Brendan who continue to support our foundation and the students we serve!


Recipe From Camila


Camila’s Guacamole has a very unexpected ingredient!

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Coach’s Corner with Jenn Zerling

Three HIIT Workouts in Less Than 10 Minutes

High Intensity Interval Training is the buzz phrase for top notch workout in the fitness industry and has been for many years now. Also referred to as “HIIT” the benefits are certainly worth the temporary discomfort that HIIT brings. Some of the benefits include:

1) Improved Athletic Performance. You essentially train all energy sources through a vigorous heart rate increase and drop within a small time frame. These surges and drops in heart rate in such a small time places a tremendous metabolic demand on the cardio-respiratory systems, thereby creating an oxygen debt, requiring the body to repay that debt hours after the workout. The actual energy utilized during the workout between the different energy zones (both aerobic and anaerobically) forces the body to acclimate to become more fuel efficient over time, thereby improving one’s endurance and aerobic capacity.

2) You Become a Fat Burning Machine. Most athletes who train at very high intensities have excellent body composition values. The reason why is because of the whole first bullet-point. And of course, other than great genes, a lot of these athletes who are in it for the long haul also focus on optimal nutrition. See bullet #4.

3) HIIT Workouts Save You Time. They are based on the Tabata method which is 4 minutes in total, however, you can adapt them according to the amount of time you have to exercise. Working out in intervals will increase your post metabolic burn or EPOC (Excess Post- Exercise Oxygen Consumption). Your total calories burned in a HIIT program is quite impressive compared to most other workouts.

HERE are 3 great workout options that are short and to the point – only 4 minutes each! If you want to get about 10 minutes in, including a warm up for about 3-5 minutes, do these activities and get ready to work hard in a short time. Do NOT overdo it and always consult a doctor before starting a new program. Have fun!

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