April 2018 Newsletter

Student Spotlight: Cristo Meza

Our student spotlight this month is a senior at Manual Arts High School. Cristo is in his 2nd year in the JKL program and is looking to get as much out of the program as he can before crossing the stage in June!
This year, Cristo took on the challenge to start running with the JKL program. He has already participated in both a 5k and 10k race and is eager to cap his senior year off with one additional race.
Since joining the JKL program, Cristo has seen his weight drop, experienced less stressful days, and has developed a love for community service. “Being able to give back and seeing people experience joy puts a smile on my face,” says Cristo.
The positive energy and family environment of the JKL program is one of the key elements that keeps Cristo coming back. After graduation, Cristo would like to volunteer for the JKL program and be an ambassador for change while attending college. He has aspirations to follow in the footsteps of his older brother by pursing a degree in mechanical engineering.
View Cristo's Video Spotlight:



Gratitude Quote of the Month

“I’m grateful for having this program where I am accepted and feel part of the team!”
– Emmanuel, Fremont


just keep livin Founder Matthew McConaughey honored as 2018 Inspiration Honoree

Our very own Matthew McConaughey was honored recently at the 3rd Annual City Gala held on March 4th at Universal Studios Hollywood for his work with the just keep livin Foundation.
The Gala brings together leaders in their fields who have the common goal of supporting humanitarian efforts. The event “raises critical funds to allow startup, nonprofit organizations to get the funding they need to achieve their goals,” said Ryan Long, Founder of City Summit & Gala. Matthew, who came to the event straight from presenting at the Oscars, gave an inspiring speech about his work with JKL followed by a Q&A with motivational speaker Greg Reid.


JKL Yoga Event at Alice + Olivia

The just keep livin Foundation celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8th by bringing together a group of our female supporters for a fun morning of yoga and shopping at Alice + Olivia’s Melrose Store to benefit our afterschool fitness and wellness programs.
Alice + Olivia is our Fashion Designer this year at our annual fashion show fundraising event for MJ&M hosted by Camila this month in Austin!
Alice + Olivia was generous enough to open their store to kick off the event in Austin for this special morning with amazing women in Los Angeles. The event was hosted by Camila Alves McConaughey, JKL Board Member Robin Berman, longtime JKL volunteer and yoga instructor Kirschen Hagenlocher, and JKL Executive Director Shannon Rotenberg,
After Camila welcomed the group of women, Kirschen led everyone in a rejuvenating yoga session, and the program concluded with an inspiring speech by JKL student, Alyssa, who is a Senior and attends Animo Inglewood Charter High School. Alyssa said yoga is “the most therapeutic part of my day,” and thanked JKL for being a place “where bonds can be established…that has shaped us into the people we will become.”
There was still a lot of time to shop Alice + Olivia’s colorful designs after yoga as the store was generous enough to donate 20% of all proceeds from the day to JKL! Thank you to Alice +Olivia, our hosts and to all of the incredible women who came out to support our program!


Mark Phillippe – Guest Speaker at EAC Prep

The students at EAC Prep were thrilled to welcome Mark Phillippe to speak at their program. Mark did a great job of tying in the quote of the month on the importance of courage and how Honor, Courage and Commitment are the Marine Corps values that continue to drive him today in his everyday life.
The students were enthralled to hear about his experiences in the Marine Corps and the bond that was formed within his unit. He touched on how he followed his dream of opening up his own brewery.
It was important for the students to hear that despite obstacles that Mark faced trying to reach his dream, he never lost sight and was motivated to work that much harder to make it happen!
He gave great advice to always be open to other people’s perspectives. At the end of the session, Mark complimented the JKL students on how they demonstrated emotional maturity in the gratitude circle and was impressed with how vulnerable they allowed themselves to be in the circle! We are always grateful to members of our community who volunteer their time to share their stories with the JKL programs.


Washington D.C.’s Just Keep Livin Program Supports The Love Forward Campaign

On Sunday, March 11th, 20 students from our JKL programs from Roosevelt and Ballou attended a recent anti-bullying rally to stand-up and speak out against bullying in schools on the Roosevelt campus. Our JKL members have an incredible appetite for addressing social issues and supporting each other.
This forum brought in guest speakers, music, vendors and a chance for our students to stand united against bullying in our schools. The speakers at this event spoke on different types of bullying from peers whether it be at school or in the workplace as well as what we can do together to stop bullying in our schools.
The students left inspired to look for opportunities in their day to display acts of kindness towards others and speak out against bullying.


Wellness Tip from Camila

Taking Time for Mindfulness in the Morning

“I like to take some alone time every morning when I’m having my tea to set my intentions for the day. Think about your goals, what you are grateful for, or just take a few minutes to be present, take some deep breaths, and be in the moment. Our days get busy and it’s easy to forget to stop and check in with yourself.”


Recipe of the month – from Beller Nutrition

Natural Orange Ginger Sports Drink

Did you know that flavored sports drinks may contain up to 150 calories and an equivalent of about 10 teaspoons of sugar?! Yes, you can drink that much sugar and calories in one gulp and not even realize it. So, why not bypass all that extra stuff – sugar, food coloring and artificial flavors.
Seriously, your body just does not know what to do with that stuff and practically sees them as foreign invaders.(Like, what flavor is ‘Cool Blue’ anyway?) So, let’s refresh without excess by trying this natural orange ginger sports drink. It’s delish, energizing, all- natural, and did I mention energizing?! Ginger is one of the nature’s most potent stimulants that will keep you alert and ready-to-go during any sports practice or workout routine!
Servings: 3
Vegan, Gluten-free
2 cup water
3-4 oranges, juiced
Pinch of sea salt
1 teaspoon ginger juice
Optional: sprinkle of pure Grade A maple syrup
1. In a tall glass or sports bottle, mix all of the ingredients. Serve chilled. It will last for two days in the fridge.
Optional: freeze in popsicle molds. They will last up to 1 month.


Swag of the Month

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Same as the original ~ Sky Blue pigment dyed hooded sweatshirt made of 8.5 oz. 80/20 cotton/poly. Decorated with red, white, blue and black screenprint.


Coaches Corner with Jenn Zerling

Better Alignment in 9 Moves
The fitness industry is flooded with programs that move the body at quick velocities aiming to burn calories and to help people aesthetically look better. While this might seem great at face value, we must not forget about the other important factors such as stretching (check out the foam rolling and tennis ball article) and restoring proper range of motion through dynamic flexibility and even through corrective exercises and movement restoration.
Movement restoration is an important missing link for the average fitness enthusiast because either people are too caught up in moving quickly within the small period of time they are given to train, or because these movements are how can I say this precisely — not exciting?
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