Rob Floyd – Guest Speaker at Fairfax High School in Los Angeles

March 14, 2018

On Thursday, February 1st, Rob Floyd spoke to about 30 of our just keep livin students at Fairfax High School. Rob is one of the most recognized names in the cocktail industry. He is largely hailed as one of the best known mixologists in the world! He is a resident on the hit TV show Bar Rescue and has been cited in publications worldwide.

 We are so grateful to Rob for providing such a fun and interactive session with the students and for many, this was their first exposure to Molecular Gastronomy! There were so many valuable points that were shared with the students whether it was touching on the importance of having dedication, faith, hard work, and drive to reach their dreams, or the message that when the journey they are on is pulled out from underneath them, that they should focus not on the fact that things did not go as planned, but rather to believe and embark on the new chapter that they have been given!  Rob is passionate about doing for others to make people happy and he did just that with our students!

 Bringing in guest speakers from the community to come share their stories and experiences with our JKL students is an important part of our monthly programming!

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