Program Highlights – Annual Beach Day and Field Days

June 6, 2024

Beach Day: 

Our 8th Annual Beach Day in partnership with the Jimmy Miller Foundation @jmmfoundation was a huge success! Thank you to all the volunteers who made the day possible and memorable for our #justkeeplivin students 🙌 Shout out to the surf instructors for being the biggest cheerleaders! Shout out to the yoga instructors for keeping our students grounded! Shout out to @juglifewater for keeping our kids hydrated during the event! We can’t wait for next year!!

Annual Field Days:

Our annual Field Days are vibrant and uplifting events aimed at promoting health and wellness among the jkl kids. Our field days offer a range of outdoor activities and sports, fostering teamwork, physical activity, and positive social interaction. With the support of volunteers and sponsors, our kids engage in fun-filled fitness activations, exercises, and educational workshops, empowering them to lead active and fulfilling lives while emphasizing our core values of resilience and perseverance.

Shout out to our LA, Chicago, Austin, Longview and Washington D.C. programs for making it happen!

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