JKL Alumni Give Back

September 19, 2017

We love it when our JKL students cultivate a passion for giving back that they can then take with them even after they graduate! This summer, two of our JKL alumni, Evelyn R. from ASLA and Chris R. from Venice High School, continued to give back to their local community by serving as a camp counselors at Camp Ubuntu – Watts. This 6 week-long day camp, sponsored by the Harold Robinson Foundation, is held at Markham Middle School in the underserved Los Angeles neighborhood of Watts. Camp Ubuntu seeks to equip students with the tools to achieve, connect and thrive by providing them with access to a meaningful and engaging summer camp experience in a safe and nurturing environment. When we caught up with Evelyn after camp, she told us, “this is where I realized how big of an impact I have on the future generation because I was able to provide a positive learning experience to the kids.  I am not so sure where else I would have had that chance.” Evelyn and Chris both felt that they learned and grew from the experience just as much as the younger campers they were there to help! They were amazed at how any time they needed a hand, there was always someone willing to help! Both Chris and Evelyn are so grateful for the positive experience of being counselors at this wonderful camp and having such a fulfilling experience!