Zachary, JKL Student
Carver High School, Houston, TX

A bright young man named Zachary from our program at Carver High School in Houston, Texas is a natural-born leader who has made his mark. Despite his struggles, Zachary’s positive outlook on life has brought encouragement and new energy to the program. “If everyone had the spirit that Zachary has, the world would be a much better place.

Zachary is the kid that every teacher prays for,” says our jkl staff member. The jkl program has given Zachary more structure in his fitness approach and opened his eyes to the importance of gratitude. “Hearing other people say what they are grateful for gives me an outlook on what to be grateful for,” expresses Zachary. He has only been part of jkl since the beginning of his senior year. Still, he has led multiple workouts for his jkl peers and is leading the charge on program recruitment. We will miss Zachary’s kind heart and passion, but we wish him luck in becoming a real estate agent and providing his community affordable housing options. Make your dreams happen, Zachary!