DeAnthony, JKL Student
Glenville HS, Cleveland OH

Glenville High school JKL student, DeAnthony is looking forward to closing out his last year in high school with a bang.

Since joining the JKL program in the 10th grade, DeAnthony has become more consistent and vocal about sharing his ideas for community service events. “One of my favorite community service events was going out and feeding the homelessness. It was a real wakeup call and made me realize how grateful I am for what I have,” explained DeAnthony.

Although community service is high on his list for favorite activities in JKL, nutrition takes the number one spot. Learning to shop on a budget at his local market and cooking with more vegetables has been a major highlight for DeAnthony. After high school, DeAnthony is looking forward to attending college and studying to become a neurologist. We always tell our JKL students to dream big and we will always have their backs! We will be cheering for DeAnthony as he wraps up his senior year and pursues his dreams!