Damian, JKL Student
Morse High School, San Diego, CA

Here at just keep livin, our after-school programs are open to all, and no student is turned away. Morse High School in San Diego, CA is an excellent example of the inclusivity we have within our programs. A junior by the name of Damian, who also has different/special needs, is thriving and has found a great community and safe space in the jkl program.

“Damian was new to Morse two years ago, and jkl helped him to become an active member of the Morse High School community. He has formed friendships within the group and has become more outgoing in classes,ā€ expresses our jkl instructor. Since joining the program, Damian has dropped a few pounds, is implementing healthier snack options, and is giving his all during fitness activities. There have been many first-time experiences, but his recent rock climbing experience is something Damian can’t stop talking about. “The jkl staff supports me and respects everyone who comes in the program. I like jkl a lot. It makes me happy,ā€ says Damian. It is incredible to know with certainty that we close the gaps to provide a great, fun and safe space for all students to be involved!

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