Daejon Jackson

Daejon, an Indiana native, found his community through the Pinkston jkl program the 2nd day he arrived in Dallas. Participating in the jkl gratitude circle not only helped him grow but also fostered deep friendships with other jkl students from around the Texas area. The sense of belonging he experienced was profound, and he cherishes the memories of giving back to the community and attending field day events. Daejon Jackson truly “Defines JKL”. From the day he joined 3 years ago until now, it’s been like planting a seed in fertile soil, and it has been a joy watching him grow. He’s a true ambassador for the Just Keep Livin Program, and we wish him the best- Mr McGee (Pinkston jkl Instructor). After High school graduation, Daejon plans to obtain his drone license, start a business for himself, and enroll in school to ultimately become a pilot.