Cullen, JKL Student
Stratford High School, Arlington, TX

The Stratford high school just keep livin program is approaching its second semester and has already acquired some great students. Cullen is one of the most dedicated students in the program and is on a mission to take advantage of the fitness and community service opportunities. 

Cullen explained, “…embracing fitness routines and activities makes your life easier, creates discipline, and gets you out of the house. I truly enjoy participating in the community service element of the JKL program. I want to keep giving back to my community and meeting new people.” It is not every day that you meet a young man with such strong purpose.

In speaking with JKL instructor, Mr. Vargason, it was stated, “Cullen combines the playfulness of youth with the maturity of a man twice his age. Being around him is both a memorable and rich learning experience. Watching him grow and interact with his peers this semester has been a pleasure.”

Cullen still has a few more years in high school, but once he crosses that stage, he has his eyes set on Tennessee State University to study robotic engineering. The Stratford JKL program is in good hands! We are excited to see the growth and leadership involvement Cullen will take part in for years to come.