Sophomore student, Brianna, from our Longview JKL program is embracing her creative energy and making her mark on campus.

Before joining JKL, Brianna struggled with self-confidence and the ability to be proud of her own art. “Since the start of our JKL program last fall, I have watched Brianna grow into a confident and outgoing young lady who has had perfect attendance” – Ms. Clark.

Brianna is an aspiring young artist who is gaining inspiration from the weekly gratitude circles, CrossFit workouts and peer to peer motivation. The just keep livin program has provided a safe and encouraging space for Brianna to share her passions and be accepted for who she is. Things like volunteering at her church, anime art and love for Korean pop music culture are all embraced.

After high school, Brianna would like to become a veterinarian and travel to Korea! We can’t wait to see Brianna blossom into an amazing person!

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