Arman, JKL Student
Ballou High School, Washington, D.C.

We had the pleasure of checking in with our fourth year JKL student Arman from Ballou High School. 

What new skills or goals did you accomplish this summer? My brother taught me how to play the Tuba and I am now in band camp at Ballou H.S. I also took a stab at starting my own little herb garden at home. I was able to see my garden flourish and sample a few things as well. I used the plants we got from our roots-nutrition donation. 

What goals do you have for this upcoming school year? I want to continue to do good academically. I also want to learn how to become more self-sufficient and get ready for adulthood.  

What are you looking forward to from the jkl program this year? I’m looking forward to more new experiences, and skills, working out with my friends and being in a positive environment after school. 

Current favorite healthy meal? a basic salad full of broccoli and kale with a light dressing. 

Tell me about your plans after you graduate from Ballou High School. I hoping to get an academic or band scholarship to attend Historical Black College Virginia State University or Norfolk University. I also love working on cars and wouldn’t mind looking into an auto technician school where I can become certified. 

What are you grateful for today? I am grateful that I made it to the 12th grade and have the opportunity to attend college very soon.