June 2024 Newsletter

Alumni Highlights

Congratulations to Yomerly Rodriguez who graduated from Northern Essex
Community College and Adia Larzeia who graduated from Prairie View A & M University! Yomerly
received her Associate degree in Art and Design and Adia received her bachelor’s degree in business
administration in Management. We want to congratulate Yomerly and Adia as well as all our jkl
graduates from the Class of 2024!

Corepower Yoga Teacher Training x jkl

We are proud to expand our partnership with CorePower Yoga (CPY) which began with the introduction
of in-studio hot yoga classes in Texas and California this past spring. Providing JKL participants with
access to transformative yoga practices, CPY continues to be an incredibly partner. As the collaboration
evolved, it culminated in a significant milestone—a scholarship offering for three alumni and three
teachers from the just keep livin program to receive full scholarships to the CorePower Yoga teacher
training course. This initiative represents a commitment to empowering individuals within the JKL
community, offering them the opportunity to deepen their practice and share the benefits of yoga with
others. The six JKL recipients are set to embark on their training journey this summer, marking a new
chapter in their personal and professional growth empowered by yoga.

We are so proud of the following scholarship recipients:

Program Highlights

Beach Day:

Our 8th Annual Beach Day in partnership with the Jimmy Miller Foundation @jmmfoundation was a
huge success! Thank you to all the volunteers who made the day possible and memorable for our
#justkeeplivin students. Shout out to the surf instructors for being the biggest cheerleaders! Shout out to the yoga instructors for keeping our students grounded! Shout out to @juglifewater for keeping our
kids hydrated during the event! We can’t wait for next year!!

Annual Field Days:

Our annual Field Days are vibrant and uplifting events aimed at promoting health and wellness among
the jkl kids. Our field days offer a range of outdoor activities and sports, fostering teamwork, physical
activity, and positive social interaction. With the support of volunteers and sponsors, our kids engage in
fun-filled fitness activations, exercises, and educational workshops, empowering them to lead active and
fulfilling lives while emphasizing our core values of resilience and perseverance.
Shout out to our LA, Chicago, Austin, Longview and Washington D.C. programs for making it happen!

Student Spotlight

Daejon, an Indiana native, found his community through the Pinkston jkl program the 2nd day he arrived
in Dallas. Participating in the jkl gratitude circle not only helped him grow but also fostered deep
friendships with other jkl students from around the Texas area. The sense of belonging he experienced
was profound, and he cherishes the memories of giving back to the community and attending field day
events. Daejon Jackson truly “Defines JKL”. From the day he joined 3 years ago until now, it’s been like
planting a seed in fertile soil, and it has been a joy watching him grow. He’s a true ambassador for the
Just Keep Livin Program, and we wish him the best- Mr McGee (Pinkston jkl Instructor). After High school
graduation, Daejon plans to obtain his drone license, start a business for himself, and enroll in school to
ultimately become a pilot.

Camila’s Corner: Peanut Cucumber Salad

Crunchy, cool, and bursting with flavor—this recipe from @womenoftoday is sure to become your new
favorite summer salad! It’s a a perfect side dish or light meal. Feel free to adjust the ingredients and
seasonings according to your taste preferences

JKL Swag of the Month!

Breaking Waves Cali Throw/Towel

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