j.k. livin program at Venice High School recognizes star students

June 24, 2016

Venice High School celebrated the end of the school year by recognizing the j.k. livin students with the highest attendance in the program as well as their graduates, Enrique and Jesus. Enrique and Jesus are good friends who supported each other throughout their time in the just keep livin program by motivating and supporting one another during workouts as well and often times leading group exercises! The boys created an exercise blog and have lots of followers keeping up with their workouts while they promote healthy living. Enrique and Jesus are both responsible and respectful young men and we know that they both will be successful with whatever endeavors they choose. We are so proud of both of them!
Perfect Attendance Winners, pictured below, top, are Michelle, Max, Chris, Jonathan and Andres. Graduates (also with perfect j.k. livin attendance) Enrique and Jesus are pictured below, bottom.


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