Childrens Hospital Los Angeles "Kids N Fitness" Partnership – Year Two

October 28, 2016

On Monday October 11th, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles kicked off their second annual Kids N Fitness program at our j.k. livin session at Animo Inglewood High School. Kids N Fitness is an evidence-based six week weight management program providing interactive nutrition lessons, healthy goal setting, healthy cooking tips and discussing the importance of understanding food labels. The first session started with an icebreaker where the kids had to say their name, their favorite fruit or veggie and an activity they like to do. Then they had a group brainstorming session where the kids offered answers to questions like “what does it mean to be healthy?” and “what are some barriers to being healthy in terms of family, community, school, individual barriers, etc?” Then the kids broke up into groups and created “an ideal city block” with green space, parks, bike lines, etc. Next, there was a “music break” where the kids got to let loose with 15 minutes of dancing! Then the kids were given the task of creating a “healthy plate” comprised of different cards they were each given that had various types of foods drawn on them. And finally, the kids got to put together their own nutritious sandwiches, using ingredients like fresh turkey, cucumbers and tomatoes, to enjoy before the session ended. Great program and great group of kids!

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